Love for the guitar, that was our starting point. And the passion to create something unique, something special. Together with our team we now make one of the best guitars in the world, a dream guitar with an incredible volume, sustain and expression. A guitar that also looks great and that you can compose completely to your own liking, your own signature guitar.

How did it come to that? More or less by coincidence, contact was established with a family business in Bandung, Indonesia, which has been building guitars since 1959. These luthiers became our friends and together we started building a high-end guitar. For a year we worked on all the details that improve the sound and construction of the guitar. Various experts in the Netherlands gave us advice and in May 2017 the first top guitars were delivered. George Kooymans from the Golden Earring was one of the first guitarists with a Homestead. His comment on TV-West was: “The guitar plays fantastic. You can see that it was made with an enormous amount of love. Real craftsmanship.”

Various tests gave our guitars the maximum five stars and the professional musicians who play Homestead are incredibly enthusiastic. Keyboard player Ernst Jansz of the famous Dutch band “Doe Maar” says that with a Homestead he feels like a real guitarist for the first time in his life. We are very proud that we have been able to realize our passion.

This is what we share with our customers and our luthiers: love for the guitar. If you share this love for the guitar with us, try a Homestead and be convinced. Believe us, that happens.

Maandblad Gitarist over Homestead Guitars

The leading dutch journal Gitarist rated
our guitar with the maximum rating of five stars

‘Careful workmanship, impressive craftsmanship,
sublime playability and an impressive sound ‘.

(Gitarist, no. 319, oktober 2017)

Gear van het jaar!

In addition, our guitar was voted “Gear of the Year 2017” by the magazine Gitarist
(Gitarist, no. 322, januari 2018)


Select your body shape, woods, hardware and decoration.

Get a Rosewood tree for free!

Each and every Homestead guitar comes with authentic Javanese rosewood back and sides. As rosewood is a protected wood species, Homestead guitars as a rule not only come with an authentification certificate but also with the obligatory CITES certificate. In addition, for each guitar that has been sold a new sibling rosewood tree is planted with a plate with the name of the guitar buyer attached to it. So future generations will have no shortage of this precious commodity.