Passion for the Guitar

Passion for the guitar – that has been our starting point. Plus the strongest commitment and dedication to create an absolutely unique instrument. A guitar that offers the utmost in playing pleasure. And that fully measures up to the world’s greatest guitars with regard to quality, sound, playability, and attention to detail.

A guitar that is fine-tuned to your playing skills and style

As a guitar player, you have been developing your own, individual style. Which, in turn, translates into your own, specific demands with regard to the guitar you will want for your playing. We at Homestead Guitars like to think along with you. In this way, your playing skills and style of playing materialize in what we at Homestead so aptly call “your guitar”. In this, quality, craftsmanship, sound, and design are our top priorities. As a rule, each and every Homestead guitar is built from carefully selected, exclusive woods such as solid Adirondack AAA and equally solid Javanese rosewood and Makassar ebony.

A standard model or your very own signature guitar

At Homestead and our dealers, we always have a wide variety of standard models in stock. But – and this is a Homestead exclusive! – you can also go for your very own personalized guitar. Which will then be built entirely according to your specifications. In this way, your very own, unique signature guitar becomes a reality! A guitar that is fine-tuned to your way of playing – to become your steady, trusted musical companion.

Go, play a Homestead guitar, and convince yourself!

In several tests that have been published by trade journals, Homestead guitars have consistently been awarded the full five-star rating. All the more reason to do some testing on your own: go and play a Homestead guitar and convince yourself – just like the renowned, professional musicians who already work, compose and perform with their very own Homestead guitars!

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Select your body shape, woods, hardware, and decoration.

Standaard op al onze modellen een boom cadeau.

Each and every Homestead guitar comes with authentic solid Javanese rosewood back and sides. Rosewood is a protected wood species and, as Homestead wants to build guitars of the best available tonewood, a new sibling rosewood tree is planted for each owner of a Homestead guitar, with a plate with the name of the guitar buyer attached to it. So future generations will have no shortage of this precious commodity.