About homestead guitars


“Homestead Guitars” is a high-end Dutch-Indonesian acoustic guitar brand, noted for their long sustain and well balanced sound. Each guitar is handcrafted from the finest solid tone woods to produce the best sound possible. Homestead guitars are built strong with exquisite design and light playability, providing a life time for enjoyment.

“Homestead Guitars” has been honoured to have its guitars played by famous Dutch musicians: Boudewijn de Groot, George Kooijmans and Hennie Vrienten.


Homestead custom builds guitars to the specifications of the client. Homestead guitars are available in different body shapes and as full body model or in a choice of cutaway styles. The client can compose its own sound by selecting the finest woods available, including Javanese Rosewood, Javanese Mahogany, Makassar Ebony, Adirondack spruce, Sitka spruce and Engelmann spruce. In order to make the guitar personal, the client can indicate which letter from the alphabet should be integrated into the homestead-logo. Custom inlays in the headstock and fingerboard in Mother of Pearl or tamarind are a possibility as well.

For obtaining more information please contact our office in the Netherlands (see contact details).