About us

Homestead Guitars is a high-end Dutch-Indonesian acoustic guitar brand (Dutch design, Indonesian production). Homestead custom builds guitars to the specifications of the client, but also standard models are available. Homestead Guitars is located in Heemstede, the Netherlands.


It all originated, more or less by coincidence, in 2012, when Robin van de Poll, who visited Indonesia frequently for his consultancy company Nehem International, heard about a small guitar factory in Bandung. As an enthusiastic player of the instrument, he decided to take a look. He found a very nice company, driven by three brothers, where guitars have been made since 1959. Although the contact was made, it took more than three years before the idea was born to develop and produce high-end guitars.

Subsequently a team of enthusiastic guitar players started developing a top guitar. Everything had to be right and only the highest quality requirements were accepted. For the brand, the name Homestead was chosen derived from the location of Heemstede.

Early 2017 Homestead produced its first guitars. George Kooymans from the Golden Earring was one of the first guitarists with a Homestead. His comment on Dutch TV was: “The guitar plays fantastic. You can see that it was made with an enormous amount of love. Real craftsmanship.”

A growing group of musicians play Homestead

Homestead Guitars has been repeatedly awarded the maximum five stars by the Dutch magazine “Gitarist” and the high quality is appreciated by many professional musicians. A growing number of Dutch musicians are currently playing at a Homestead, including Boudewijn de Groot, Ernst Jansz (Doe Maar) and Barry Hay. But a number of international artists also compose and perform with their own Homestead guitars, such as Frank Carillo, Eddie Seville, Simon Kirke, Tim Easton, I Wayan Balawan and Vladimir Tkachenko. The greatest musician to play a Homestead is without a doubt Danny Vera, who currently owns four Homestead guitars.Our mission

Our mission

Passion for the guitar, that was our starting point and passion for the guitar is our mission. This passion expresses itself in our greatest dedication to creating an absolutely unique instrument, a guitar that offers the greatest pleasure to play and a guitar that can compete with the world’s best guitars in quality, sound, playability and attention to detail.