Henny Vrienten with Homestead in DWDD

Studio The Vault Footage with Carillo & Seville

Monday,​ March 25th 2019 Frank Carillo and Eddie Seville visited the Homestead studio in Heemstede, the Netherlands.
Frank Carillo is an American guitarist and songwriter. He is known internationally for his contributions to Peter Frampton, Cheap Trick, Van Halen and Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers. In 2004 Carillo formed his band Frank Carillo and the Bandoleros, consisting of five people, with whom he has now produced two CDs. In the Netherlands, Carillo is primarily known for his collaboration with Golden Earring guitarist George Kooymans and his contribution to the first album of Anouk.
Eddie Seville is an American songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, best known as the voice and creative force behind the popular East Coast, roots rock band ‘the Steel Rodeo’. As a solo artist, a noted member of Frank Carillo’s Bandoleros and a frequent “special guest”, he has performed throughout the continental US, Canada, Europe and the Virgin Islands.
In March 2019 Frank and Eddie had an acoustic tour through the Netherlands. They both played Homestead guitars and were remarkably satisfied with the guitars. During each concert, they indicated that they fell in love with Homestead guitars. Frank took one Homestead guitar back with him for his American gigs. Meanwhile, Homestead is building two new guitars for both artists.
During their visit to the Homestead studio “De Kluis” (The Vault) Frank and Eddie played five songs. This is one of the recorded songs.

Frank Carillo and Eddie Seville visiting the Homestead Guitars studio (date 25 March 2019).

Frank Carillo and Eddie Seville have visited our studio in Heemstede and played five songs there. Both artists played Homestead guitars during their Dutch tour. Two guitars are now being built for the men.

Our first dealer in Belarus.


Pavel Gilevich en Robin van de Poll

Pavel Gilevich together with Robin van de Poll in his store “Music Market” in Minsk. He has a beautiful copy in the store. A Grand Auditorium with Stork inlays.

The guitar is not full-time in the store, but available on demand.



Laura Beekman with a Homestead in “The Voice”

Laura plays at her Homestead in the talent contest “The Voice of Holland”.

Laura Beekman with Homestead at Radio 538

Laura sings “Het komt wel goed schatje” ( “It will be good baby”)

Dutch Magazine Gitarist again reviewed two guitars of Homestead with 5 stars

Homestead Slope Shoulder and Blue Pigeon tested with the maximum 5 stars!.
December Edition “Gitarist”



Vladimir Tkachenko (Владимир Ткаченко) on a Homestead gitaar

On Sunday 18 November, the famous Belarusian guitarist Vladimir Tkachenko (Владимир Ткаченко) tried a Homestead guitar. He was so enthusiastic that he immediately ordered a guitar: a Grand Auditorium model with cutaway. The well-known Belarusian composer Andrey Kostiugov (Андрей Костюгов) also ordered the same day a Homestead Grand Auditorium.

Presentation of Homestead Guitars in Minsk (Belarus)

On November 14 a presentation of Homestead took place in Minsk (Belarus). Several professional guitarists (among them Sergey Antishin/Сергей Антишин and Leonid Shirin/Леонид Ширин) have tried the Homestead and were very enthusiastic. Here plays Sergey Antishin, the first guitarist of the Belarusian State Orchestra, on the Homestead. His reaction: “Super, what a sustain”.