George Kooymans receives unique guitar in Indonesian embassy.

Guitarist / singer George Kooymans of the Golden Earring received a number of hand-built guitars on Thursday, together with bass player / singer Henny Vrienten from Doe Maar and singer Boudewijn de Groot. The unique musical instruments were handed out by Indonesian ambassador I Gusti Agung Wesaka Puja. Behind the gift was Robin van de Poll, director of the Heemsteed company Nehem International, who is in Indonesia several times a year for his work. There is a guitar factory in the city of Bandung where eighty people make around 3,000 guitars a year. Van de Poll developed the new guitar brand Homestead with the company. The guitars that were handed out on Thursday at the Indonesian embassy on Tobias Asserlaan were specially made for Kooymans and his colleagues. The copy for George has become a real Hague guitar, decorated with the stork from the city arms of our city. George Kooymans ontvangt een gitaar Foto’s: Martin Reitsma (Facebook) Naar het originele bericht.