It is well known that Homestead uses rosewood for the solid side and back of its acoustic guitars. Rosewood has been placed on the list of endangered species (CITES) since 2017, and consequently Homestead produces its rosewood guitars with the mandatory CITES certificate, Homestead wants to pay extra attention to the sustainability of this type of wood.

That is why Homestead gives every customer a young rosewood tree as a gift. On March 10 the first 100 trees were planted on the site of the Institute for Technology Bandung (ITB) in Sumedang on Java. The planted trees are about two and a half meters high. The provincial government was present during the planting of the trees and has expressed particular appreciation for this initiative. The educational institute will make the newly planted forest suitable for students who can prepare their lessons in the shade. Moreover, a plate with the name of the buyer will be attached to each tree. So all Homestead customers can visit and view their own tree. The number of trees will of course be further expanded on the basis of the number of sold guitars. The young trees are maintained and guarded by the staff of the educational institute. With this initiative, Homestead intends to make rosewood available for future generations.

Planting 100 rosewood trees on Java for Homestead on March 10, 2018.