As of today, Homestead starts a short periodic blog about our guitars with some news.


To start with, last week some customers came to pick up their new signature guitar. They were all excited with their new guitar (see our Instagram and Facebook account). One of them, Evelyn Brouwers, had a traveler built, a small guitar with a big sound. She plays and sings a Queen and Elvis classic on our FB and Instagram account, highly recommended!

Also special was Danny Vera’s performance at his signature Homestead at “Mathijs Gaat Door”(30 October on Channel NPO1). He played and sang there together with, among others, Barry Hay (Golden Earring) and JB Meijers. Together they form an occasional mariachi band that will perform in Ziggo dome next fall under the name ‘Fiesta de la vida’. At Mathijs: ‘Heartbeat City’ by The Cars and ‘Spirit in the Sky’ by Norman Greenbaum were accompanied by Danny on his Homestead. Danny recently purchased his fourth Homestead. Barry has one too. We are very proud that these amazing musicians have chosen Homestead.

Finally, we are designing a crossover guitar. A crossover is, as the word implies, a nylon-string guitar with a number of specifications of a steel-string Western guitar. As it looks now it will be a guitar with a solid cedar top (as with many classical guitars), solid rosewood for the sides and back, 14 frets to the body (steel), Torres bracing (classic), a Grand Auditorium model with cutaway (steel) and a nut width of 48.5 mm (between steel and classic). So it will be a real hybrid guitar: a classical guitar that feels like a steel string. In other words, the perfect guitar for guitarists who want to give their music that typical nylon (classical/Spanish) guitar sound. We expect to have the crossover by the end of January.

Evelyn Brouwers

Danny Vera at Homestead

Danny & Barry at Mathijs