Barry Hay (1948) is the lead singer of the Dutch rock band Golden Earring.

In the mid-1960s, Hay became the lead singer of The Haigs, a pop group that played a rough repertoire. Freddy Haayen, the manager of the Golden Earrings, approached Hay with the request to sing in his band, as a replacement for Frans Krassenburg, who then had to do military service. In the summer of 1967, Hay succeeded him and sang She Won’t Come to Me, the B-side of Sound of the Screaming Day. A year later, in the summer of 1968, Earring’s tenth single, Dong dong di ki di ki dong, became the group’s first number 1 hit, which from that moment would be called Golden Earring (without s).

In the early 1970s, Hay started writing songs. Radar Love, a love song with the metaphor of driving, is a good example of his style. Hay’s lyrics are sometimes cryptic and poetic, sometimes downright sexist and provocative. He wrote Going To The Run for the Hells Angel Ed who died in an accident.

In addition to his work with Golden Earring, Hay made two solo albums, Only Parrots, Frogs and Angels (1972) and Victory of Bad Taste (1987). In September 2008 his solo album The Big Band Theory was released by Blue Note. For this album Hay collaborated with the Metropole Orchestra. The CD contains classics from the Rolling Stones, Lovin’ Spoonful, Blood, Sweat & Tears and Robert Palmer, among others. In 2019 Hay made the CD/LP For You Baby together with JB Meijers; it also contains covers including Blue Bayou as a duet with Danny Vera. 

Golden Earring (




Shape – OM
Top wood (solid) – Adirondack AAA
Rosette – Gold MoP 
Back & side wood (solid) – Javanese Rosewood
Side sizes – Extra Thick 10 cm on neck and 12 cm on tail
Back (body) – Three pieces
Purfling – Gold MoP
Binding – Flamed Maple


Style – Slim Shape (Taylor style) 
Nut width – 44,45mm
Neck & heel – Mahogany 1 piece
Fretboard wood – Ebony (V end)
Number of frets – 20 (14 from nut to body)
Fretboard inlay decoration – Block on the fret 3, 5, 7, 9, 15 and 17. Block with sunglass cutout on the 12th, all from MoP Gold 
Binding – Flamed Maple and on the end (V)


Shape – Closed Headstock
Overlay/verneer – Dark Ebony (nearly black), with purfling (Gold MoP) and binding (Maple) 
Peg head – Grover Imperial tuners Gold 
Head custom brand/ornament – Homestead “V” with Danny Vera initial decoration from Gold MoP and Gold MoP purfling and Maple binding


Colour headstock overlay – Dark Ebony (nearly black) (NC paint) 
Colour neck – Solid Black (NC Paint)
Colour top (body) – Solid Black (NC Paint)
Colour side and back (body) – Solid Black (NC Paint)
Finishing headstock overlay – Gloss (NC Paint)
Finishing neck – Satin (NC Paint)
Finishing body – Gloss (NC Paint)


Pickup – LR Baggs VTC
Nut & saddle – Bone 
Pickguard – Custom Ebony with Gold paint frame (see picture) Dark ebony (nearly black) 
Special remarks – Fretwire: Bronze 2,3mm 
Custom bridge with Gold MoP inlay