I Wayan Balawan is a Balinese Indonesian jazz/rock/ethnic guitarist, singer and songwriter. He is better known by his simplified name; Balawan.
He is the first guitarist in Asia to develop the technique of 8 fingers or the touch style on a double neck guitar. The technique uses all four fingers of the right hand to create the melody and all four fingers of the left hand to create the bass and rhythmic sounds.
Balawan grew up with traditional Balinese music and started playing the guitar since he was 8 years old. When he was 12 years old, he started playing rock music in a band. After graduating from Australian Institute of Music, he went back to Bali and founded Batuan Ethnic Fusion band, combining guitar, bass, drum and Balinese traditional musical instruments such as Balinese Gamelan and Ceng-ceng to create jazz/rock/ethnic music to make.
Besides producing a number of solo albums, Balawan also collaborates with two other Indonesian guitar virtuosos; Dewa Budjana, Tohpati and formed a trio called Trisum. He also collaborates with Fajar Adi Nugroho (bass) and Dion Wardyono Subiakto (drums) and formed the Balawan Bifan Trio with them.
To stimulate the growth of (young) Indonesian musicians, Balawan founded the BUMI foundation in Bali, a music school and recording studio with a professional stage for performances.

Grand Auditorium

Body Shape
Top Wood (Solid)
Back and side wood (solid)
Nut & Saddle
Neck & Heel
Fretboard wood
Headstock overlay/veneer
Headstock shape
Peg head
Nut width
Number of frets
Fretboard Inlay decoration
Body Binding
Fretboard Binding
Body Purfling
Fretboard Purfling
Headstock custom brand/ornament
Back of the guitar (body)
Colour top
Grand Auditorium
Venetian Cutaway
Adirondack AAA
Javanese Rosewood
Mahogany 1 piece
Slotted Headstock
Chrome plated
44,45 mm
14 (from nut to body)
8 ea Storks MOP
As previous order
Standard Homestead "B" with Balawan logo
No Pickguard
Fishman Matrix Blend
Three pieces
Sunburst Dark Purple