Was our spontaneous reaction when Boudewijn de Groot made his wish known.

“Huh, okay, you mean light Maple or …” “No, really white, but also the fretboard and the bridge … all white.” And he was gone after a black coffee. White, shit or a chance? I immediately made a sketch in Photoshop and forwarded it to our friends in Indonesia. At the same time investigating the paint options, which resulted in the use of a good two-component varnish for the fretboard. And for the body several thin layers of lacquer to preserve as much resonance as possible in the adirondack top. “Boudewijn, you are going to lose some noise, also adirondack Triple A cannot prevent that”, I mailed him. At the same time I realized that he mainly used the guitar on stage and that the white lacquer would reduce the sound with a maximum of 5%. No problem.

The nice thing is that this guitar takes the color of the spotlights on the stage. “A real chameleon!” said Boudewijn. That’s how it works and nothing is too crazy for us. But it must meet our quality requirements and stay within our concept. A white guitar? We agreed but it was on the edge and off course a man like Boudewijn comes away with this.



On Friday 5 January 2018, the well-known Dutch singer-songwriter Boudewijn de Groot received “the White” at the Zandvoortselaan in Heemstede. At Boudewijn’s request everything was made in white: body, fretboard, bridge and headstock, finished with decorations of mother-of-pearl. That’s how it became exactly what he wanted: a guitar that takes on the color of the spotlights on the stage, a real chameleon. Boudewijn tested the guitar extensively and had only one word for the looks and the sound: fantastic!